Authentic Marketing  Via Storytelling

A Simply Stories Facebook campaign is perfect for people who struggle with the selling side of their business. You want people to know about your product or service but you hate trying to come up with slick sales talk or end up with cheesy marketing material. Invite your audience to connect with the heart of your business or organisation by showing them the genuine and authentic experiences of the people you serve. Your loyal customers are in the best position to tell the world your story. Simply Stories will capture those experiences and turn them into a beautiful and powerful Facebook campaign that will draw your target market to your doorstep without a sales pitch in sight.


I’m Charlotte

I’m Charlotte and I love photography, chocolate, coffee, singing loudly & badly in the car (my poor children), spring, home reno programmes, Pinterest & my hubby and kids of course!  I especially love lifestyle portraits which allows me to capture genuine and real moments. Those are the pictures that tell stories and together with Bronwyn’s writing, they create a captivating an authentic marketing campaign.


I’m Bronwyn

I have been helping people to tell their stories for the last seven years as a ghost writer. There is something so deep and connecting about hearing another person’s experience. Stories like that have a magnetic quality, they draw you in to learn more. It would be my pleasure to collect and craft stories that will connect you with whoever it is that you want to reach. 

What We Do

Tell Your Story

Unsure if you want to invest in a ‘Simply Stories’ campaign? Why not start out by telling your own story? This bundle includes a head-shot and a bio for you to use on your website or anywhere else Your ‘About’ page is the second most important page on your website (after your homepage). It’s where people go to get a feel for the person or people behind a business or organisation. Make a lasting good impression with our help.

Simply Stories Campaign 4 Posts

If you need to make your budget stretch then this is a good option for you. This package includes four powerful stories and images that you can fire out over a short amount of time to pack a powerful punch or drip feed out over a longer period of time to maintain meaningful engagement with your customers/audience. 

Simply Stories Campaign  8 Posts

This is a great choice if you want to include a variety of voices in your storytelling campaign. You may want to show people the many different reasons people use your product or service or perhaps you want to include stories that come from both your staff and your customers.


"I loved how easy Bronwyn and Charlotte were to work with. Charlotte captured real moments of play without disrupting childrens' flow and Bronwyn was able to put my thoughts into words that sounded like me...only clearer! Together, they presented a realistic view of what Playcentre is so that we could reach people who would really enjoy it."

Claire Laverty
Treasurer – Mornington Playcentre

The Simply Stories campaign allowed me to hear the perspectives of the children and parents who attend my parties. It's a story I don't often hear. The stories really give people an idea of what their child will experience at a party where I'm performing. They really captured magical moments.

Rosalind Manowitz
Children’s Singer/Songwriter & Entertainer
Rainbow Rosalind Parties Ltd

Simply Stories promoted our sport in a way that it has never been promoted before. The stories reflected coaches, judges, volunteers and our lovely parents. Thousands responded and interacted with them, it has been so encouraging. The feedback we received has been so positive. I would certainly recommend this to anyone wanting to promote their cause.

Shona French
Marching Otago Association

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