Mornington Playcentre Campaign

Above are some of the pictures that were posted on the Mornington Playcentre Facebook page. Each picture has an accompanying story (click on the image to read it) from the parent or grandparent pictured about their journey to becoming a playcentre member and the benefits of being a part of the organisation. Black and white was used for this particular campaign because the stories were nostalgic and reflecting on the past.

Mornington Playcentre boosted each post one week after publishing. Each post reached over 4,000 people (the posts were targeted to reach Dunedin based Facebook users) and had an engagement rate of 17% (with most clicks on the ‘see more’ button to read the entire post). Over the 9 months that this campaign ran, the centre experienced a 44% increase in enrolments. Mornington Playcentre were so taken by the stories captured that they turned the Facebook campaign into an eBook that is now on display on the Playcentre Federation website.

Click here to see all the posts from the Mornington Playcentre ‘Simply Stories’ campaign.

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